Patient Centricity & Collaboration World Congress 2022 Americas

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Patient meets Innovation & Collaboration

Understanding the Patient Journey, enabling a more Patient-Centric Approach.

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Paradigm Global Events is proud to welcome you to the upcoming Patient Centricity and Collaboration World Congress 2022 Americas. 

The two-day Congress aims to build meaningful collaborations within the industry, advocacy groups, clinicians, researchers, and most importantly, patients and their caregivers. Gain practical strategies and best practices on challenges, innovations, technologies, and concepts in achieving this goal.



This Congress is beneficial to patients, pharmaceutical, biotech companies, researchers, physicians, patient advocacy groups, regulatory agencies, technology, and healthcare companies.

Network with representatives involved in the following areas:

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Key Industry Expert Speakers

Meet Our Professionals

Tricia Mullins

Global Head, Patient Advocacy, Atara Biotherapeutics

Richard Jones

Patient Engagement Managing Director, Open Health Group

Wendy Erler

VP Patient Advocacy STAR & LEAP, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jocelyn Duff

Co-Founder/Executive Director, CureCMT4J/Talia Duff Foundation

Alan J. Balch, PhD.,

CEO, National Patient Advocate Foundation

Frank Rivera

Co-Founder/President- Stronger Than Sarcoidosis


Content Rich Program Agenda!  Featuring Keynote Presentations, Stream Sessions, Panel, and Round Table Discussions.

  • Day 1 28/03/2022
  • Day 2 29/03/2022
  • Auditorium 1
  • Auditorium 2 - Stream session
  • Auditorium 3 - Stream Session



Morning Networking Coffee Break & Breakfast. 

08:00 AM


Chair Person - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 08:40 PM

OPENING KEYNOTE PANEL: Realizing the importance of patient needs and engagement in improving patient outcomes?

  • The value of engaging and communicating with the patient in every part of the clinical research process
  • Examing the right approach for patient and industry to
    positively impact healthcare costs and patient outcomes through patient engagement
  • How can patient expertise create significant value to the industry?
  • What are the best practices and strategies to guarantee that patient centricity is at the forefront of pharma?

Moderator & Panellist - To be Confirmed Shortly... 08:50 AM

PLENARY KEYNOTE: The philosophy of putting patients at the core of your company

  • The company attitude needs to change as a whole in order to make meaningful progress
  • Embed patient engagement in the mindset at every step and across organisations
    to dramatically improve patient outcomes
  • Companies should focus on what they really want to achieve from the process,
  • How it can be done successfully?
  • How they can continuously progress and develop moving forward?

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 09:35 AM

PATIENTS KEYNOTE PANEL: Innovations that Transform Patients Lives during the pandemic

  • Impact of these new innovations on patients and caregivers
  • What difference do these recent innovations have made to their lives?
  • What must be done to accelerate innovations and broaden access at the same time
  • What challenges still remain to increased equity for patients and their families?

Moderator & Panelist - To be Confirmed Shortly... 10:05 AM


40 minutes of Networking Refreshment Break at the Exhibitors Lounge. 

10:50 AM

KEYNOTE PANEL: Driving a successful multi-stakeholder collaboration

  • Gain insights on how they view a successful patient-centred collaboration
  • Understanding what the patient is looking for and what is important
  • Discuss opportunities for enhanced collaboration in the future
  • Valuable feedback and strategies on how to improve collaboration that makes a real-world difference

Moderator & Panellist - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 11:30 AM

SPONSORED SPOTLIGHT: Proactive strategies on how to leverage the growing use of digital tools and technologies to enhance patients experience

  • Can digital tools and technologies drive a significant increase in patient satisfaction?
  • Improving patient engagement and outcomes through technology
  • What are the benefits of the digital health ecosystem to patients and developers 


Richard Jones, Patient Engagement Managing Director, Open Health Group 12:15 AM

PLENARY SESSION: The evolution of patient-centred drug development

  • Recognising key areas to ensure patients' experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities are captured and meaningfully incorporated into drug development and evaluation.
  • Patient's input to improve quality, relevance, safety and efficacy of drug development
  • Challenges and opportunities for patient-centric product design
  • The role of respective stakeholders and the way they interact, from the early steps of drug development to access in real life?

Speaker - To be Confirmed Shortly... 12:45 AM



14:15 PM



Session chair - to be confirmed shortly... 14:15 PM

Multi-stakeholder approach in engaging patients with the new normal in healthcare

  • Harnessing the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration to make a scientifically informed recommendation
  • Lessons learned that could benefit the patients
  • Proposed interventions in helping patients to engage

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 14:20 PM

Addressing the challenges in adopting a successful long term relationship that benefits both patient and business

  • Finding common shared ground between groups and build tailored programs within lifecycle activities
  • How can the foundational elements of patient-centred care be embedded in the care culture
  • Effectively setting a common goal to set expectations on both sides

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 14:50 PM


40 Minutes Networking Refreshement Break - Exhibitors Lounge. 

15:20 PM

How-to-guide in implementing patient engagement within the early development / preclinical processes of R&D: Patient Experience

  • Why a multi-stakeholder approach and why did I get involved.
  • The multi-stakeholder network model of PFMD and how it worked.
  • The positives and negatives of my experience
  • Summing up - the importance of using such a model (to help increase patient engagement).

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 16:00 PM

Patient as partner: For successful clinical trial recruitment and retention

  • Recruitment and retention strategies to help more patients stay engaged throughout the clinical trial
  • How partnership can benefit research participation


speaker - to be confirmed shortly... 16:30 PM

Partnership innovations that provide patient-centric support

  • Understanding the patient need to deliver appropriate support
  • Adapting and accommodating new changes that affect the patient
  • Latest innovations that benefit the patients

Speaker - to be confirmed shortly... 17:00 PM




Involving patient early: Aligning Stakeholders to Ensure Development Plans Meet Patient Needs

  • Integration of the patient perspective into the development process
  • Patient-based evidence that improve alignment of development activities with the needs of patients
  • Qualitative insights necessary to strengthen development decisions in the interests of patients

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 14:20 PM

Patient-Centric Clinical Development: Methods for bringing on board patient perspective in designing adaptive clinical trials.

  • Collecting, utilising results and collaborating with stakeholders to improve patient experience

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... Senior Representative, OPEN HEALTH 14:50 PM


40 Minutes Netwoking Refreshment Break - Exhibitors Lounge. 

15:20 PM

Involving children and young people in innovation in health science: rights, capacity building and challenges.

  • Children and young people have the right to be involved in health and in science in any decision that matters to them. A capacity-building programme at the European level has been designed with the aim to empower them and provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 16:00 PM

Current trends in clinical research amid the rapidly evolving landscape

  • Importance of successful engagement with patients during COVID-19
  • Lessons learned on improving access and experiences in clinical research
  • Assessment of ongoing COVID-19 therapeutic clinical development efforts worldwide

Speaker - To be Confirmed Shortly... 16:30 PM

Decentralised clinical trials: paving the road for modernisation

  • Removing bottlenecks to increase patient recruitment and retention
  • New technologies that are making decentralised trials increasingly possible
  • Data collection of real-world data and evidence

Read More 17:00 PM
  • Auditorium 1


08:15 AM


Chair Person - To be Confirmed Shortly... 09:00 AM

KEYNOTE PANEL: OPENING PANEL DISCUSSION: Increasing inclusion, diversity and equity in clinical research: Breaking down barriers to access

  • Why diversity and inclusion in clinical trials are crucial?
  • Understanding critical barriers to minority and underserved patient communities participation in clinical trials
  • Actionable ways to improve diversity in clinical trials
  • What can the industry do to promote more diversity in the future?
  • Latest guidelines that make healthcare more inclusive

Speaker - To be Confirmed... 09:05 AM

Fda's Patient Focused Drug Development: Incorporating patient voice in drug discovery and evaluation

  • Incorporating robust and meaningful patient engagement for a more informed decision-making
  • Strategies and best practices in facilitating patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials
  • Enhance understanding and use appropriate methods to capture patient understanding of the benefits and risk outcomes
  • How to best communicate patient information to support decision-making

Speaker - To be Confirmed shortly... 09:50 AM

KEYNOTE SESSION: Just putting patients at the centre of healthcare is not enough to improve care

  • Major barriers to delivering patient-centred care
  • Focus on scaling and spreading proven interventions
  • Evidence to move forward and improve care for all patients, in all settings.

Speaker - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 10:20 AM


40 minutes Networking Refreshment Break. 

10:50 AM

PLENARY SESSION: Next-generation digital innovation in Clinical trials

  • Current trends in digital health technology that can improve clinical trial recruitment and retention
  • Understanding patient needs to really make clinical trials accessible
  • How to maximise the value of technology
  • Digital innovation on the horizon

Speaker To Be Confirmed 11:30 AM

SPONSORED SPOTLIGHT: Access to the right data at the right time: Essential real-time data for more accurate and beneficial review

  • The importance of data democratization
  • Common challenges in clinical data review that hinders clinical trials
  • Strategies in overcoming these challenges
  • How to seamlessly integrate data from a variety of sources?
  • How to improve safety review efficiencies and reduce the timeline to critical studies?

Speaker - Supporting Company - To Be Confirmed 12:00 PM

KEYNOTE PANEL: The Age of Advocacy: The importance of patient voice in the new normal

  • What it takes to get it right and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Key priorities and opportunities for advocacy during COVID-19 and beyond
  • New ways of thinking to ensure the industry remains a credible and valuable partner now and in the future
  • Better collaboration between industry and patient organisations leads to improvements in patient care

Moderator & Panellist - To Be Confirmed 12:30 PM


1 Hour Networking Lunch Break, Follow by Round Table Discussions at 14:15 PM. 

13:15 PM

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSIONS - divided between 2 sessions of 30 mins. (5 mins. to change table) - Attendees have 2 round table options to attend

TABLE 1: Advanced analytics and digital capabilities to promote better patient outcomes and an improvedreturn on investment (ROI).

TABLE 2: Design, Identification, and Sensitivity Analysis for Patient Preference Trials

TABLE 3: Enabling clients to be active on their own health care

TABLE 4: Societal perception of collaboration between patients, their organisations, and other stakeholders

TABLE 5: A value-based approached to patient engagement

Round Table Speakers / Leaders - To Be Confirmed Shortly Round Table Discussions Time Slots -14:15 - 14:45, 14:50 - 15:20 PM


40 minutes - Networking Refreshment Break at the Exhibitors Lounge Area.

Followed by Plenary Presentations. 15:20 PM

Revolutionising the future of care through personalised healthcare

  • A need to find a more personalised way of managing healthcare for each individual.
  • Lessons learned in digital health from Covid-19
  • Areas of opportunity to prioritise focus and resources for the most impact
  • Enabling regulatory agility to provide greater personalised care

Speaker - To Be Confirmed 16:00 PM

How to sustain a meaningful patient engagement across the lifecycle of medicines: A call for Action

  • Innovations that are necessary for patient engagement to become a common practice
  • Procedures that drive stakeholder alignment.
  • Resources to mobilise human and financial means towards sustained patient engagement
  • Tools for collaborative strategic planning that enables stakeholders to make strategies and take actions towards the desired future

SPEAKER - To Be Confirmed Shortly... 16:35 PM

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION: Driving patient-centric care during the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond

  • COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for patient-centricity, understanding the drivers for innovation in pharma
  • Partnering with patients and placing patient well-being at the core of all initiatives
    Shifting towards disease-oriented to patient-centric
  • Innovative approaches for direct-to-patient assume significant importance for driving patient-centricity
  • Technologies that enhance the patient-centricity in pharma



Thank you for your Participation at the Patient Centricity & Collaboration World Congress 2022 Americas. 


17:55 pm

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what people say

Thank you for a good experience with the PARADIGM Global Events… very high level, very good Organization, we overpassed our expectatives, we will be pending for another congress related to pharmaceutical and biotech… we learned a lot, and i think that the content of agenda was state of the art, thank you again.
Salvador Berrios
ERP/ CRM / Product Configurator Manager
The consistently high quality of international faculty was most impressive. It was also obvious that they were carefully chosen not only for their particular expertise but also for their ability to communicate the subject matter to clinical and non-clinical participants alike. As market access consultant for pharma clients of various sizes, I now feel much better prepared to explain the nuances & dynamics involved in bringing their products to market. In addition, I am in a much better position to intelligently advice my clients & help them set realistic expectations
Thomas Martin
Associate Vice President, VCGA - Quintiles
I was impressed with the organization of this event. I attend many conferences per year and find the organizers on site to be detached and not focus on good service to the delegates. This team was even providing weather forecast warning to ensure everyone was aware and made appropriate plans. Well Done.
Adriana E. Manzi
PhD, Managing Director, Atheln, Inc

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