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Day 2 – Friday 17th February 2023

Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder & CEO, People with Empathy


  • Why diversity and inclusion in clinical trials are crucial?
  • Understanding critical barriers to minority and underserved patient communities participation in clinical trials
  • Actionable ways to improve diversity in clinical trials
  • What can the industry do to promote more diversity in the future?
  • Latest guidelines that make healthcare more inclusive


Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder & CEO, People with Empathy


Teonna Woolford, Chief Executive Officer, Sickle Cell Reproductive Health Education Directive

John Campbell, Head of Decentralized Trials, Walgreens Health

Lesli Nordstrom, Sr. Assoc. Director, Patient Centricity & Engagement, Boehringer Ingelheim

Julie Breneiser, Executive Director, Gorlin Syndrome Alliance

  • How knowledge can reduce the fear of Pharma and ultimately save lives.
  • What do we really know about patient safety, both as an industry and an individual and what are
    the challenges we face?
  • How can technology play a role in ensuring patient safety, compliance and pharmacovigilance?
  • How we can leverage individual and collective data to ensure proper care and Quality of life while
    reducing damage, saving time and money.

Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder & CEO, People with Empathy

Kristof Vanfraechem, Founder & CEO, Data For Patients

Carolina Consuegra, Co-Founder, Marketing & Strategy Director, Science2People

  • Support different learning styles to ensure patients have equal access to education
  • Patient centricity for better health outcomes
  • How to determine cultural nuances and understandings to care

Paula Orandash, Patient Engagement Liaison, PTC Therapeutics

  • Incorporating robust and meaningful patient engagement for a more informed decision-making
  • Strategies and best practices in facilitating patient recruitment and retention in clinical trials
  • Enhance understanding and use appropriate methods to capture patient understanding of the benefits and risk outcomes
  • How to best communicate patient information to support decision-making

Andrea Furia-Helms, M.P.H., Director, Patient Affairs, Office of Clinical Policy and Programs, U.S. FDA

  • Why measuring patient focused activity is important.
  • How to translate the concept of patient centricity into tangible (and intangible) results.
  • Sharing best practice in driving actionable change benefitting patients.

Mark Doyle, Director, A Life in a Day

  • Learn how medical PTSD impacts patients ranging from newly diagnosed to long-term care
  • Understand the category of ways medical PTSD can develop
  • Discover opportunities for patients and providers to collaborate to alleviate symptoms of
    medical PTSD

Emily Parks, Founder, POP!

This presentation will highlight how companies can advance health equity through people- and
patient-centered frameworks. Learning objectives include:

  • Specific domains of action for addressing health equity through people and patient engagement;
  • Success measures of efforts to advance health equity;

Kalahn Taylor-Clark, VP & Head, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, Myovant Sciences


14:00- 14:30, 14:35 – 15:05

Divided between 2 sessions of 30 mins. (5 mins. to change table) – Attendees have 2 round table options to attend

  • Different interpretations of decision making across stakeholders
  • Value on patient outcomes and engagement (case studies)
  • Introduce the working model of decision making.

Sumira Riaz, Managing Director – Patient Engagement Lead, OPEN Health

Sophie Tsai, Sr Scientist, Global Patient-Centered Outcomes, Engagement & RWE, OPEN Health

Teonna Woolford, Chief Executive Officer, Sickle Cell Reproductive Health Education Directive

  • Recognising key areas to ensure patients’ experiences, perspectives, needs, and priorities are captured and meaningfully
    incorporated into drug development and evaluation.
  • Patient’s input to improve quality, relevance, safety and efficacy of drug development
  • Challenges and opportunities for patient-centric product design
  • The role of respective stakeholders and the way they interact, from the early steps of drug development to access in real


Monica Dudley-Weldon, President/CEO/Founder, SYNGAP1 Foundation

Frank Rivera, President, Stronger Than Sarcoidosis

Nélio Drumond, Associate Director, Lead Process Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceutical

Judy L. Campagnari, Exec. Director, Global Patient Insights & Solutions, Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Barby Ingle, President, International Pain Foundation

Jodie Sherman Gillon, SVP Corporate Affairs & Patient Advocacy, Peptilogics

  • Understanding the drivers for innovation in pharma
  • Partnering with patients and placing patient well-being at the core of all initiatives
  • Real-world data and patient-reported outcomes presents the power and the potential to redesign
  • Innovative approaches for direct-to-patient assume significant importance for driving patient-centricity
  • Technologies that enhance the patient-centricity in pharma


Kalahn Taylor-Clark, VP & Head, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation, Myovant Sciences


Ambre L. Minty, Founder, Living With Dys

Jason R Crites, Founder, CEO, Assurance Health Data

Matthew Zachary, CEO and Co-Founder, OffScrip Health

Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder & CEO, People with Empathy

Christine Von Raesfeld, Founder & CEO, People with Empathy

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